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Kitchen Best Analysis Essay

Presentation Kitchen Best Appliance Company should promptly address the moral, social, lawful and poor strategic policies all together for the organization to stay in business. In the event that the organization keeps on choosing not to see such practices as pay-offs, nepotism, unlawful conduct and crazy danger to client the organization will just keep on ending up in a place that leaves it helpless against claims, criminal allegations, fines and imprisonment of work force. The contextual investigation gives an away from of what can happen to organization that doesn't convey, authorizes and bolster arrangements and methods set up to have a serious, agreeable, protected and moral work environment. Examination The significant social, moral and lawful difficulties that Kitchen Best and other little and-medium-sized endeavors (SMEs) face doing cross fringe business will be resolved underneath. Social difficulties are most effectively recognized in social contrasts among locales. For example language obstructions can make social difficulties just as contrasts in social convictions and practices. Organizations must be set up to confront language contrasts by having staff accessible that can communicate in and write in dialects other than their local tongue. Additionally the organizations must be set up to explore and read the social contrasts for the nations that they wish to lead business with. This isn't possibly to decide whether the assigned territory is a decent spot to lead business, yet additionally to procure the vital information expected to effectively direct business. Moral difficulties are much progressively hard for organizations when managing two distinct arrangements of moral measures, which for the most part are affected by social guidelines. It is completely conceivable that in professional interactions that an organization has restricting moral principles to work inside the two nations. In certain societies such exercises as pay-offs, payoffs, and nepotism areâ encouraged though different nations disapprove of such practices. This is the place inquire about assumes a significant job for organizations keen on growing their business all around. Lawful difficulties simply like moral and social difficulties have a significant effect of SMEs who direct cross outskirt business. There are numerous types of governments just as various types of legitimate frameworks that fluctuate among nations. While assorted variety is acknowledged, decent variety can make business cooperation troublesome just as legitimately unimaginable. A case of legitimate difficulties can be found in charge guideline, representative compensation guidelines, worker working condition guidelines, wellbeing guidelines and ecological effect guidelines. In the event that a SME is found disregarding a specific law or guideline it could confront extraordinary punishments just as authorizations from offices as the World Trade Organization. Kitchen Best has since a long time ago took part in offering amusement and payoffs to potential customers and colleagues, which upper administration has chosen not to see. Such activities have driven Kitchen Best to be defenseless to legitimate dangers. China, Macao and Hong Kong have dynamic laws against such activities which are deserving of detainment and fines. Since Kitchen Best representatives took an interest in such activities, with the information on upper administration, in the two locales the organization is at risk alongside the workers. The administration and in general administration arrangement of Kitchen Best is less than impressive. While the rundown of inadequacies is long the organization can improve the circumstance by changing the strategy wherein it works and making successful approaches. Probably the greatest inadequacy of the executives is the act of choosing not to see debasement and wrong strategic policies. By choosing not to see such practices and exercises the board is basically supporting the employee’s activities. This is clearly a weakness that has driven Kitchen Best administration to purposely take an interest in exploitative conduct, for example, pay-offs and payoffs. Alongside the act of choosing not to see the past referenced practices and exercises the board additionally displayed a deficiency by not showing others how its done. Moreover the board did notâ create, keep up and authorize strategies and techniques for representatives to follow. This could have forestalled the weakness o f non-administration of serious practices and security guidelines as on account of Haus de Metro. Kitchen Best should use systems, for example, successful consistence programs, chance appraisals, available access of for workers to set of accepted rules and consistence strategies and methods. Just as the systems referenced above Kitchen Best should likewise utilize nonstop preparing for all staff remembering the executives for arrangements, methods and current enactment. Utilization of week by week gatherings and specialized devices, for example, video conferencing will empower the organization to improve correspondence between all aspects of the organization. Innovation in general will upgrade the activity execution of workers, however can likewise be utilized to make balanced governance inside the organization. For example an arrangement of online endorsement could be utilized for the installment of solicitations that would permit the organization to affirm of deny any solicitations including those for diversion. With the progression of innovation organizations can be â€Å"big brother† while likewise improving representative execution. Henry Chan can gain so much from the U.S. Outside Corrupt Practices Act (U.S. FCPA) or the U.K. Pay off Act. Chan can see the punishments that have been built up for tainted conduct just as approaches to forestall such activities. Since both are from Western majority rule governments Chan can contrast with defilement acts from China. This will empower Chan to see an assortment of rules that will help with making his own arrangements and techniques for Kitchen Best. Another preferred position to Chan is that he will be more ready for universal business and the way of life of in which they exists. The issues at Kitchen Best are identified with Horatio Sze and Ma Luk. During that time the organization has caused slips up concerning to overseeing staff. Without governing rules or implementations of approaches staff had free rule without any outcomes. Without direct oversight or responsibility the administration staff permitted the conduct to happen. The organization permitted the wrong conduct of Sze and Luk by deliberately ignoring their activities. In the event that the organization had made direct move, for example, disciplinary actionsâ or even end of either representative when their careless activities became clear the issues would have been forestalled. Top directors are capable when defilement is in progress, particularly when top administration knows about the debasement. It is the obligation of top directors to know about what's going on inside their business. There is likewise a need for top chiefs to effectively take part in business tasks and to research any supposed defilements inside the organization. On account of Kitchen Best top administration overlooked charges of debasements. Another obligation of top administration is to take and inventive protection measures against defilement. It is basic that SMEs practice moral administration locally and globally. All together for worldwide business to grow alongside the real organizations moral administration must be upheld. Moral administration not just helps with making a reasonable and serious business air, yet it likewise empowers dynamic business relations with nations. Henry Chan can improve his job in such manner by taking part and authorizing moral strategic policies. He can likewise profit by presentation to organizations like Honghua who have progressed from a dishonest administration to a moral administration framework. At the point when confronted with nearby desires for â€Å"payoffs† or â€Å"referral money† staff ought to be encouraged to move toward top administration. Staff ought to counsel arrangements and methodology before making any move, however for this situation the reality of the circumstance requires management’s consideration. When the executives is told of the circumstance the representative should then work with the board to decide the best course of activities. It should likewise be expressed that if the organization has looked into the business environment the desires for â€Å"payoffs† or â€Å"referral money† ought not come as an amazement. Subsequently the organization can be readied when the circumstance emerges and won't need to settle on an on the spot judgment call. Direction can be looked for through various channels that incorporate writing, instructive classes, master information, enactment and different experts. The entirety of the assets could give guide or research on business managementâ and universal business. The web could likewise be used for data in regards to business strategies, methodology and wanted business practices locally and globally. The World Trade Organization is a decent assets just as taking a gander at such training offices as Harvard School of Business. Both recently referenced offer boundless data by means of their sites. There are explicit advances and techniques that Henry Chan can use to help construct Kitchen Best’s corporate culture for the drawn out advantage of the organization. As referenced before the creation, keeping up and execution of strategies and techniques that incorporate consistence program. When making and refreshing the strategies and methodology of the organization Henry Chan ought to counsel lawful guidance just as different experts who can give master information. Henry Chan himself needs to improve his administration aptitudes just as his capacity to communicate inside various societies. Another progression to improve corporate culture is to expel representatives that recently took an interest in dishonest conduct. It is basic that administration show others how its done and dispose of the individuals who don't wish to add to a positive corporate culture. By making a culture of consistence the organization can effectively act in a positive way. This can likewise

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The story of a woodcutter

The story of a woodcutter Once upon a time, a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant and he got it. The pay was really good and so was the work condition. For those reasons, the woodcutter was determined to do his best.His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he supposed to work. The first day, the woodcutter brought 18 trees.Congratulations, the boss said. Go on that way!Very motivated by the boss words, the woodcutter tried harder the next day, but he could only bring 15 trees. The third day he tried even harder, but he could only bring 10 trees. Day after day he was bringing less and less trees.I must be losing my strength, the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and apologized, saying that he could not understand what was going on.When was the last time you sharpened your axe? the boss asked.Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut treesReflection:Our lives are like that. We sometimes get so busy that we dont take time to sharpen the axe. In todays world, it seems that everyone is busier than ever, but less happy that ever. Why is that? Could it be that we have forgotten how to stay sharp? Theres nothing wrong with activity and hard work. But we should not get so busy that we neglect the truly important things in life, like our personal life, taking time to get close to our Creator, giving more time for our family, taking time to read etc. We all need time to relax, to think and meditate, to learn and grow. If we dont take the time to sharpen the axe, we will become dull and lose our effectiveness.  Author: Stephen Covey From: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Evidence for American Human Settlement Before Clovis

Pre-Clovis culture is a term used by archaeologists to refer to what is considered by most scholars (see discussion below) the founding populations of the Americas. The reason they are called pre-Clovis, rather than some more specific term, is that the culture remained controversial for some 20 years after their first discovery. Up until the identification of pre-Clovis, the first absolutely agreed-upon culture in the Americas was a Paleoindian culture called Clovis, after the type site discovered in New Mexico in the 1920s. Sites identified as Clovis were occupied between ~13,400-12,800  calendar years ago (cal BP), and the sites reflected a fairly uniform living strategy, that of predation on now-extinct megafauna, including mammoths, mastodons, wild horses, and bison, but supported by smaller game and plant foods. There was always a small contingent of the Americanist scholars who supported claims of archaeological sites of ages dating between 15,000 to as much 100,000 years ago: but these were few, and the evidence was deeply flawed. It is useful to bear in mind that Clovis itself as a Pleistocene culture was widely disparaged when it was first announced in the 1920s. Changing Minds However, beginning in the 1970s or so, sites predating Clovis began to be discovered in North America (such as Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Cactus Hill), and South America (Monte Verde). These sites, now classified Pre-Clovis, were a few thousand years older than Clovis, and they seemed to identify a broader-range lifestyle, more approaching Archaic period hunter-gatherers. Evidence for any pre-Clovis sites remained widely discounted among mainstream archaeologists until about 1999  when a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Clovis and Beyond was held presenting some of the emerging evidence. One fairly recent discovery appears to link the Western Stemmed Tradition, a stemmed point stone tool complex in the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau to pre-Clovis and the Pacific Coast Migration Model. Excavations at Paisley Cave in Oregon have recovered radiocarbon dates and DNA from human coprolites which predate Clovis. Pre-Clovis Lifestyles Archaeological evidence from pre-Clovis sites continues to grow. Much of what these sites contain suggests the pre-Clovis people had a lifestyle that was based on a combination of hunting, gathering, and fishing. Evidence for pre-Clovis use of bone tools, and for the use of nets and fabrics has also been discovered. Rare sites indicate that pre-Clovis people sometimes lived in clusters of huts. Much of the evidence seems to suggest a marine lifestyle, at least along the coastlines; and some sites within the interior show a partial reliance on large-bodied mammals. Research also focuses on migration pathways into the Americas. Most archaeologists still favor the Bering Strait crossing from northeastern Asia: climatic events of that era restricted entry into Beringia and out of Beringia and into the North American continent. For pre-Clovis, the Mackenzie River Ice-Free Corridor was not open early enough. Scholars have hypothesized instead that the earliest colonists followed the coastlines to enter and explore the Americas, a theory known as the Pacific Coast Migration Model  (PCMM) Continuing Controversy Although evidence supporting the PCMM and the existence of pre-Clovis has grown since 1999, few coastal Pre-Clovis sites have been found to date. Coastal sites are likely inundated since the sea level has done nothing but rise since the Last Glacial Maximum. In addition, there are some scholars within the academic community who remain skeptical about pre-Clovis. In 2017, a special issue of the journal Quaternary International based on a 2016 symposium at the Society for American Archaeology meetings presented several arguments dismissing pre-Clovis theoretical underpinnings. Not all the papers denied pre-Clovis sites, but several did. Among the papers, some of the scholars asserted that Clovis was, in fact, the first colonizers of the Americas and that genomic studies of the Anzick burials (which share DNA with modern Native American groups) prove that. Others suggest that the Ice-Free Corridor would still have been usable if unpleasant entryway for the earliest colonists. Still others argue that the Beringian standstill hypothesis is incorrect and that there simply were no people in the Americas prior to the Last Glacial Maximum. Archaeologist Jesse Tune and colleagues have suggested that all of the so-called pre-Clovis sites are made up of geo-facts, micro-debitage too small to be confidently assigned to human manufacture.   It is undoubtedly true that pre-Clovis sites are still relatively few in number compared to Clovis. Further, pre-Clovis technology seems extremely varied, especially compared to Clovis which is so strikingly identifiable. Occupation dates on pre-Clovis sites vary between 14,000 cal BP to 20,000 and more. Thats an issue that needs to be addressed.   Who Accepts What? It is difficult to say today what percentage of archaeologists or other scholars support pre-Clovis as a reality versus Clovis First arguments. In 2012, anthropologist Amber Wheat conducted a systematic survey of 133 scholars about this issue. Most (67 percent) were prepared to accept the validity of at least one of the pre-Clovis sites (Monte Verde). When asked about migratory paths, 86 percent selected the coastal migration path and 65 percent the ice-free corridor. A total of 58 percent said people arrived in the American continents before 15,000 cal BP, which implies by definition pre-Clovis. In short, Wheats survey, despite what has been said to the contrary, suggests that in 2012, most scholars in the sample were willing to accept some evidence for pre-Clovis, even if it wasnt an overwhelming majority or whole-hearted support. Since that time, most of the published scholarship on pre-Clovis has been on the new evidence, rather than disputing their validity. Surveys are a snapshot of the moment, and the research into coastal sites has not stood still since that time. Science moves slowly, one might even say glacially, but it does move. Sources Braje, Todd J., et al. Finding the First Americans. Science 358.6363 (2017): 592–94. Saint Pierre, Michelle. Antiquity of mtDNA Lineage D1g from the Southern Cone of South America Supports Pre-Clovis Migration. Quaternary International 444 (2017): 19–25. Print.Eren, Metin I., et al. Refuting the Technological Cornerstone of the Ice-Age Atlantic Crossing Hypothesis. Journal of Archaeological Science 40.7 (2013): 2934-41. Print.Erlandson, Jon M. After Clovis-First Collapsed: Reimagining the Peopling of the Americas. Paleoamerican Odyssey. Eds. Graf, Kelly E., C.V. Ketron and Michael R. Waters. College Station: Center for the Study of the First Americans, Texas AM, 2013. 127-32. Print.Faught, Michael K. Where Was the Paleoamerind Standstill? Quaternary International 444 (2017): 10–18. Print.Fiedel, Stuart J. The Anzick Genome Proves Clovis Is First, after All. Quaternary International 444 (2017): 4–9. Print.Halligan, Jessi J., et al. Pre-Clovis Occup ation 14,550 Years Ago at the Page-Ladson Site, Florida, and the Peopling of the Americas. Science Advances 2.e1600375 (2016). Print.Jenkins, Dennis L., et al. Clovis Age Western Stemmed Projectile Points and Human Coprolites at the Paisley Caves. Science 337 (2012): 223–28. Print.Llamas, Bastien, Kelly M. Harkins, and Lars Fehren-Schmitz. Genetic Studies of the Peopling of the Americas: What Insights Do Diachronic Mitochondrial Genome Datasets Provide? Quaternary International 444 (2017): 26–35. Print.Morrow, Juliet E. After Anzick: Reconciling New Genomic Data and Models with the Archaeological Evidence for Peopling of the Americas. Quaternary International 444 (2017): 1–3. Print.Potter, Ben A., et al. Early Colonization of Beringia and Northern North America: Chronology, Routes, and Adaptive Strategies. Quaternary International 444 (2017): 36–55. Print.Scott, G. Richard, et al. Sinodonty, Sundadonty, and the Beringian Standstill Model: Issues of Timing and Migrations into the New World. Quaternary International 466 (2018): 233–46. Print.Shillito, Lisa-Marie, et al. New Research at Paisley Caves: Applying New Integrated Analytical Approaches to Understanding Stratigraphy, Taphonomy, and Site Formation Processes. PaleoAmerica 4.1 (2018): 82–86. Print.Tune, Jesse W., et al. Assessing the Proposed Pre-Last Glacial Maximum Human Occupation of North America at Coats-Hines-Litchy, Tennessee, and Other Sites. Quaternary Science Reviews 186 (2018): 47–59. Print.Wagner, Daniel P. Cactus Hill, Virginia. Encyclopedia of Geoarchaeology. Ed. Gilbert, Allan S. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 2017. 95–95. Print.Wheat, Amber. Survey of Professional Opinions Regarding the Peopling of America. SAA Archaeological Record 12.2 (2012): 10–14. Print.

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The Reform Of Hammurabi s Code - 896 Words

Imagine living in a society without a set of laws to live by; there would be no order, and people would be free to act as they wish. Although, initially, this does not sound unappealing, disorder in society inevitably leads to the stratification of social classes and mistreatment of minorities, among others. The establishment of Hammurabi’s code helped bring order and equality into society through the attempt to implement a moral standard. An eye for an eye is a fair punishment for the committed crime. But not all of Hammurabi’s codes follow suit. The codes enforced the social stratification that was already in place in Babylonia, intensifying the division between the various social groups. Although Hammurabi’s codes constituted social order through structure, Hammurabi’s codes also promoted further social stratification, specifically gender and socioeconomic inequality, through the bias in severity of punishment in many of the laws. Hammurabi’s code institutionalized the civilization in which it was implemented, however it also added to the existing socioeconomic and gender divisions that were already existent in Babylonian society at the time. Codes 209 and 211 both state that if a man harms a woman, causing her to have a miscarriage, he has to pay a fine. However, code 211 goes on to specify that if the woman is a commoner, the fine is less than what it would be if she were not. From these two codes, it is evident that the different social classes are both viewed andShow MoreRelated Ken Wolfs Personalities and Problems Essay1359 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose, I chose chapter two as only one reason. The question stated: To what extent is it possible to reform an institution from within? What intellectual and personal qualities cause some people to be more radical than others, and what are the implications of such differences in history (p.113).? After reading the essay, one might say that a person coul d go as far as possible to make something like reforms happen; but people may stand in his/her way. However, if that person is willing to lose or gainRead MoreEvolution of Slavery in Justice Essay1183 Words   |  5 PagesSlavery’s immorality is not limned in a constitution. Slavery is immoral because time has proven it to be immoral. Beginning as early as 2000 BC there have been laws protecting slaves. The Babylonian king Hammurabi enacted the Code of Hammurabi sometime during the eighteenth century BC. In the law code Hammurabi delineated three distinct levels of crime. The highest was the proverbial eye for an eye, which was the punishment for injuring a citizen. The second tier called for a fine of one gold mina if youRead MoreThe Death Penalty : The History1297 Words   |  6 Pagesdepending on the place. It was only in the 18th and 19th century that there began reform and much less usage of capital punishment. The majority of laws from centuries BC, up until the 18th century all followed the same idea of â€Å"an eye for an eye†. This meant that whatever was done to someone else must therefore but done back to the criminal. The oldest set of laws that is still surviving today is the Ur-Nammu Code. It dates back from late 2000s BC. It is a small inscribed tablet containing overRead MoreAncient Greece and Greek Gods Essay1675 Words   |  7 Pages |to their own. | | | | | |Babylonian |2000 – 539 BCE |The Babylonian political structure|Hammurabi’s code. |Humans’ responsibility to |n/a |3500 – tower of | | | | |was a monarchy. The king ruled |Mainly concerned with |feed and care for the gods. | Read MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Legal?985 Words   |  4 Pagespunishment has been around since the years of the new testament in biblical history. The earliest known and regulated use of capital punishment was by King Hammurabi of Babylon. He used the death penalty as punishment for twenty-five different crimes and held trials to determine if the accused were guilty or not. In the seventh century B.C. Draconian Code in Athens Greece used the death penalty as punishment for all crimes committed. The same remained true for the Fifth Century B.C. Roman Empire. The processRead MoreHistory And History Of Corrections1069 Words   |  5 Pageswidespread. This led to more formal systems of punishment and corrections for crimes developed. These rules based on cultures, and also the early Babylonian laws of Hammurabi and the Hammurabi code. In Ancient China, law enforcement was carried out by what they called Prefects and this existed for thousands of years. These prefects were like today s police. They oversaw the civil administration of their prefecture or jurisdiction. They usually reported to the local magistrate, just as modern police reportRead MoreHistory of Security Essay example3164 Words   |  13 Pagesthings were codified by Hammurabi, also known as the King of Babylon. (King, n.a.) Hammurabis Code includes the Code of Ur-Nammu, Laws od Eshnunna and Lipit-Ishtar Isin, than later codes were added including Hittite laws, Assyrian laws, and Mosaic Law. The code of Hammurabi states that the king was unable to change fundamental laws concerning the governing of a country. (King, n.a.) These laws did not cover areas of law and commerce. Some say it was made to self-glorify Hammurabi by immortalizing hisRead MoreCultural Relativism And Its Impact On Society1437 Words   |  6 Pagesculture to culture, and many of people s actions can be justified based on how they are regarded in their society. While at first glance, Cultural Relativism appears like a sound theory that should be universally adopted, there are many flukes and issues which make it unnappealing and only useful in regards to scientific studying. The basis of Cultural Relativism stands on the belief claim that different societies and cultures have different moral codes. This concept is very simple and easy toRead MoreHistory of the Death Penalty1652 Words   |  7 PagesAncient China - First established death penalty laws 18th century BCE - Code of king Hammurabi of Babylon - Earliest form of unified system of justice. Death penalty for 25 crimes, including an â€Å"eye for an Eye† 16th century BCE - Egypt - first historically recorded death sentence (a man was accused of using magic) 14th century BCE - Hittite code - also prescribed the death penalty 621 BCE - Draconian code of Athens - ‘the death penalty applied for a particularly wide range of crimes†Read MoreBanning the Death Penalty1620 Words   |  6 Pagesto the present where most if not all those punished with death penalty are for fairly large crimes. Actual laws involving death penalty is known in history as far back as ancient Babylonia with the Code of Hammurabi, or the â€Å"eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth† mentality, where stated within the code there were several crimes in which death was the punishment. Continuing on after that time, leaders within ancient Greece and following that ancient Rome followed along with these laws within their own

Media and Sexuality Free Essays

I feel the embarrassment of women in advertising usually focus on women being considered as male sexual objects. The complete AXE campaign in commercials treats both men and women as dense idiots, and assumes that young men will believe that spraying crap on themselves will attract hot young women. The commercials has the man spraying magic cologne known as Axe, he becomes the sexual object of women’s desire. We will write a custom essay sample on Media and Sexuality or any similar topic only for you Order Now Literally hundreds of women are running through the Jungle hunting down a smell as their life depends on it. When they reach the meal, the prey, which is a man is spraying Axe all over his body. The sad part is how many guys fall for it. The advertising works. My teenage stepson has his cronies over constantly during the week and weekends. My basement known as the hangout smells like an Axe bomb Just got dropped. When their friends who are girls are coming over it is the worst, they put on twice as much. I basically want to suffocate myself in sweet smelling air fresheners, It reminds me of my high school experience when all the teen boys drowned themselves in Calvin Klein cologne. I have tried to ell them that they might be actually offending some of the girls, because they might have viewed the Axe commercial. Their response Is â€Å"No way man, chicks goes crazy over this stuff. Are men really senseless enough to believe that If they spray themselves with something In a can that beautiful women as defined by the media will intensely throw themselves at them? The commercial shows attractive women tackling down guys that spray It on but It also makes guys look like Idiots because In real life no one believes putting on a cheap body spray will attract anyone. It concern me because guys who has low self esteem or are suffering from not being attracted to women are desperate enough to buy Axe products. In the Harden’s ad, well-known celebrity, Kim Sardinian, Is and Is shown eating one of the hamburger chain’s salads. There are two strategies going on In the ad. The first one Is the use of a celebrity to sell the product, and the second one Is the plan that uses sex appeal. The low cut dress shows off Christian’s full cleavage, and the spotlight seems to be on that feature Instead of the focus merchandise, the salad. The media plays sexuality because Its market led; they give people what they want, when they want It. For men, beauty In women Is very Important, for women beauty In men Is less. A man can be considered very attractive by women without being particular handsome, or handsome at all. Media and Sexuality By sprightliness’s have viewed the Axe commercial. Their response is â€Å"No way man, chicks goes crazy over this stuff. Are men really senseless enough to believe that if they spray themselves with something in a can that beautiful women as defined by the media cackling down guys that spray it on but it also makes guys look like idiots because in celebrity, Kim Sardinian, is and is shown eating one of the hamburger chain’s salads. There are two strategies going on in the ad. The first one is the use of a celebrity to sell the product, and the second one is the plan that uses sex appeal. The that feature instead of the focus merchandise, the salad. The media plays sexuality because its market led; they give people what they want, when they want it. For men, beauty in women is very important, for women beauty in men is less. A man can be How to cite Media and Sexuality, Papers

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Public administration in America Grants to help homeless

Introduction When people live in conditions such that they lack a regular dwelling they are said to be homeless. If people are not in a position or are not willing to have permanent or at least safe and decent housing they pass for homeless lot.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Public administration in America: Grants to help homeless specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, this statement is just a general definition of homeless individuals; concise definition depends on location. For instance, in the US, a homeless person is an individual who lacks a permanent, veritable, and nighttime abode. Moreover, people housed in institutions that offer impermanent residence pass for the homeless coupled with those encroaching public or private areas not delegated for sleeping. The issue of homelessness in the US is too demanding to be discussed in a single essay. This essay issue will thus discuss homelessness in the cit y of Little Rock in the Arkansas state. Information Little Rock is the largest city of Arkansas estimated to have a population of almost 700,000 thousand people. It is located at the central of Arkansas and in 2004, it was rated the basest city towards the homeless. The rating was based on the authorities’ plans to remove the dispossessed from encamps along the banks of river Arkansas. A research by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock found â€Å"200 to 300 homeless people are unsheltered at any given time while other 2000 stay in shelters in a four county central Arkansas area, which includes Pulaski county† (USA Today Para.8). This revelation made the authorities in that city to initiate a ten year plan in 2006 that would see that inveterate homelessness is cut down in the city by the year 2016. Statement about the Homeless issue Even though there is variability on the numbers of the homeless in the city, the fact remains that in central Arkansas, there is a co nsiderable number of homeless people. The nature of the population and the disputes associated with finding homeless persons at any given time makes it inconceivable to have an exact number of the homeless.Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In 2004, a report of the Homeless Count and Survey results estimated that â€Å"there were over 3000 homeless persons in the city of little Rock† (Central Arkansas 2). This number is justified if the full definition of a homeless individual is taken according to the federal laws because critics argue that the enumerators could only locate an estimated figure of 1430 homeless people, but this number did not include about 300 children who were at school, those under police custody, and others in psychiatric hospitals. Despite the efforts to reduce the number of the homeless, the figures continue to ascend. The council efforts are thu s not enough to curb this, federal and state governments need to intervene to help in providing a solution to the issue. Set Goals to solve the Homeless issue In an effort to solve the homelessness issue, the municipal council of the city in conjunction with other governmental and non-governmental agencies concerned had the goal of eliminating homelessness in the city by the year 2016. Nevertheless, this goal is an ambitious project that requires the collaboration of all community leaders and service providers that will move persons from the state of homelessness (Central Arkansas 24). Methods applicable in solving the Homeless issue To achieve the set objective, the agencies had to set ways into which the goals would be achieved. The outlined ways include, strengthening of the agencies’ outreach and referral services that connect the homeless with appropriate assistance, break the dependency of homeless on shelter care, and support the mental health and substance abuse outre ach progarmmes to reduce the incidence of homelessness caused by these illnesses.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Public administration in America: Grants to help homeless specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, the city authorities plan to equip the homeless with work skills to groom them for jobs, become independent, and acquire housing units for those having special needs and are in need of housing. The city municipal council also aims at increasing the transitional housing so that discharged patients and prisoners can have intermediate shelters. Lastly, the agencies aim at making partnerships with community stakeholders to elaborate the stock of low-priced housing units. Evaluation of the program To evaluate the progress of these initiatives, an oversight team constituting of work teams would be established to track the process and determine, after a given period, whether the goals are being achieved. Establishment of an office for the homeless services is also vital since it would assist in collaboration with all agencies and aid in monitoring the effectuation of the plan. These two bodies will work in concert to ensure that the outlined objectives are achieved. For instance, tracking the number of houses constructed as per the plan, evaluating training given to the homeless to enable them get jobs and sustain themselves, and assessing partnerships that have been established in an attempt to solve the problem Future Founding As stated earlier, this program is long-term with its completion expected by the year 2016. Since the city has a deficit of low-cost housing units, there is a need to increase the number and make them available at reasonable rental rates. Partnerships with the federal, local government, and homebuilders in the city would enhance the number of low-priced housing schemes. Ways in to which money is raised to subsidize rent is thus an important aspect of the pla n if it will have to succeed.Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The funding of this project would thus require funds from bond financing of annual allocation by the local governments due to its long-term nature. Non-personal budget to solve the Homeless issue In order to implement this ambitious plan, it is inevitable for a budget to be made as guide to activities to be conducted. The budget will not only show the financial image of the projects, but also used as evaluation tool to compare budgeted and real performance. Some of the proposed activities would require new resources while others are already in place or would require minimal resources. The following is a simple budget of the project. Item amount Establishing an office of homeless services for full management of implementing the project $50,000 Renovation of house for day resource center to provide outreach services $745,000 Utilization of a day resource centre to provide outreach services $275,000 Some of the activities would not require any new resources; for instance, e stablishing an oversight team and work teams to implement this plan, developing comprehensive outreach, intake, assessment, referral system, building of close relationships in the city’s work force, and collaboration with other stakeholders to enlarge the stock of affordable housing. Conclusion The goal of ending homelessness has gained widespread support not only in the city of Little Rock in Arkansas, but also in the whole of America. Critics however argue that the effort to end homelessness has accentuated on inveterate homelessness only. Therefore, according to critics, this move does not solve the problem of homelessness, which stems from lack of low-cost housing, healthcare, and income support. In contrast to this argument, the city of Little Rock ten-year plan is based on the precepts dealing with the pertinent issues in homelessness to create a long-term solution to the problem (McCarty 21). By the time the ten-year project, geared at ending homelessness is completed, the real impact will be reported after the final evaluation, but for the time being, homeless people are still present in the streets despite the provisional reports of the success in eliminating homeless people in the city of Little Rock. Works Cited Central Arkansas. Ten year plan to end chronic homelessness, n.d. Web. McCarty, Maggie.Homelessness: Recent statistics targeted Federal Programs, and recent Legislation. Washington DC: The library press, 2005. USA Today. Group: Little Rock named ‘meanest’ city to homeless, 2004. Web. This essay on Public administration in America: Grants to help homeless was written and submitted by user Jaxon Stark to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.